Analysis, Politics 31 JUL
So Whose Law Is It Anyway?
An unseemly tussle of authority erupts over who'll rap Digvijay

Neither Madhya Pradesh's governor Bhai Mahavir nor the state Lok Ayukt, Justice Faizanuddin, are friends of Chief Minister Digvijay Singh. Despite that promising link, the two have fallen out in an ugly turf war where they should have logically been joining forces. The issue, though high profile, seems simple enough: the submission of a report about the CM's misuse of office. With both the governor and the judge exchanging angry letters, dripping with indignation and a pointed sarcasm not usual in official missives, a legal issue has taken on shrill political overtones.

The source of the acrimony is the governor's belief that the Lok Ayukt is dragging his feet over submitting the Digvijay report to him. The case, examined by the one-man quasi-judicial body, involves Digvijay's allotment of prime land in Indore to the newspaper Nai Duniya, run by his good friend Abhay Chajlani. The chief minister is ostensibly guilty of outright favouritism and bending of rules.

A one-acre piece of plum property in central Indore was allotted to Nai Duniya by Digvijay in...